To be a job seekers registered in the Human Resources Department database, so you can join field training based on specialization and field training opportunities available to government and private agencies. The job seeker must meet all field training procedures scheduled by the Department of Human Resources, in terms of:

Requirement 1 1

The candidate shall be a job-seeker registered in the Human Resources Directorate’s database, and accordingly, he can enroll in field training depending on specialisation and the field training opportunities available in government and private agencies.

Requirement 2 2

The job seeker must complete all field training procedures prescribed by the Human Resources Directorate

Requirement 3 3

Abiding by the laws and regulations in force within the training institution.

Requirement 4 4

Committing to the daily attendance and departure registration system.

Requirement 5 5

Obtaining prior permission to get off of work, just like the training institution's employees.

Requirement 6 6

Proving proficiency in training and seriousness in achievement.

Requirement 7 7

Committing to morals, good conduct and respect for officials and workers of the training institution.