The Directorate of Human Resources is keen to strengthen and reinforce the strategic partnership relations and mutual cooperation between public and private sector institutions to support the process of educating, training, rehabilitating and hiring UAE national labour forces and preparing them for the labour market on grounds of competitiveness. This is because of its belief in the importance of the integrative role between the Department and public and private sector institutions, and the importance of coordinating and unifying efforts with them to achieve optimal investment of human resources.

Training System
The Directorate enables public and private sector institutions to participate in the training programs it offers through registration in the training system and the ability to obtain the following services
The possibility of seeing each training programme plan and registering in the programmes offered.
The possibility for the departments and divisions of human resources in the public and private sector entities to register the employees of their entities to enrol in the training programs implemented by the Directorate as a part of the training plan.
Evaluation of training programs by the employee
Evaluation of records for the employee
Electronic Certification.


If you have any questions about the service, please contact or call 065078806