Job seekers Services

The Directorate endeavours to prepare national human staffs with high level of performance and competitive capabilities and empower the in the business world so as to support government development plans and ensure continuity of productivity of national staffs to match their counterparts in the advanced economic sectors through the following:
  • Receiving job seekers, registering their applications electronically, verifying them and archiving required documents in accordance with the obligations and procedures adopted, as well as following up the process of updating their data in order to optimal use of the services provided by the Directorate.
  • Providing career guidance and professional rehabilitation programs which are prepared and designed in response to the needs of the labour market, and implementing them according to the scientific and professional standards adopted, in order to raise awareness of the needs and requirements of the labour market, and provide them with the professional knowledge and experience that will enable them to enter business communities with confidence.
  • Preparing job seekers and empowering them to enter the labour market by giving them opportunities for field training in the public and private sectors and for exercising actual work to gain practical experience and skills for the labour market.
  • Nominating job seekers for the right jobs in the public and private sectors, commensurate with their qualifications and abilities, following the practical methods and professional rules applicable and as required by the recruiting entities.

If you have any questions about the service, please contact or call 065078806