Training System..

The Directorate will implement the training programs in various professional fields, focusing on the design and implementation of specialised and technical programs in response to the training needs of government departments, bodies and institutions in the Emirate of Sharjah, in order to develop the national human resources and enhance their professional capabilities to elevate the level of work, so as to reflect positively on the productivity of the institution and customer satisfaction and thus improve the level of services provided in the Emirate.
The training system is considered as an effective system at the level of the Government of Sharjah as it provides integrated services for all training procedures. The services provided by the system are as follows:
• The possibility of seeing each training programme plan and registering in the programs offered.
The possibility for the government departments and institutions to register in the system and give their employees the opportunity to participate in the training programmes
Evaluation of training programmes by the employee
Evaluation of records for the employee
Electronic Certification