What is the benefit that I will get after I pass the field training?
  • A field training certificate issued by the Human Resources Directorate.
  • A reward of 1000 dirhams for job seekers with high school diplomas, and 1500 dirhams for job seekers with a university degree.
  • Acquiring field skills in your area of specialisation, and giving different institutions an opportunity to discover your capabilities and energies. Which contributes to your access to greater employment opportunities.  
When I complete two weeks of field training, and then I stop training with an excuse, will it still be possible to receive the training reward?
  • You cannot get any reward if you do not complete the period set for field training, as specified in the field training contract.  
Will I get a job after the field training?
  • If you are ready, and have passed the qualification and field training phase required in your field .. This increases your chances of being nominated for job interviews and your chances of being selected for the job by the recruiting entities. The more you prove your worth in the job interview .. the stronger the chance of your selection.