What are the types of programmes available to job seekers?
  • Specialised programmes
  • Behavioural programmes
  • Self-development programmes
  • Professional diplomas
  • Basic Qualification Programmes such as English Language Programs and ICDL
Can I register in any of the programmes offered in the qualification plan?
  • Yes, you can subscribe in the qualification programmes according to the target group. There are programmes which are intended for high school certificate holders, and others are specialised programmes that depend on the academic specialisation of the job seeker.
What is the benefit that I will get after I pass the qualification programmes?
  • Obtaining an accredited certificate
  • Investing time in specialised and support programme that meet the needs of the labour market to improve your skills, develop your capabilities, and increase your chances of employment.
  • Identifying the skills and abilities of the job seeker
  • Helping build character and increasing self-confidence
  • Helping in making the right decisions
After I pass the programmes, will I get a job?

Selection falls within the competence of government and private agencies. The authorities conduct job interviews for job seekers according to the qualifications and specialisations that are compatible with the jobs available to them. The more you prove your competencies in the job interview, the stronger the chance of you being selected by the recruting entities.