About Qualification

Rehabilitation programmes are one of the means provided by the Directorate of Human Resources, and they are relied upon in the rehabilitation and development of job seeking national human resources, and aim to provide rehabilitation and development opportunities for job seekers based on the requirements of the labour market, in accordance with the curricula and standards adopted locally and internationally. They also and contribute to providing them with knowledge, professional experience, and professionalism, raising their efficiency and developing their skills to become the first choice in the labour market to fill the available jobs. The qualification programmes available to job seekers are classified into specialised programmes, behavioural programmes, self-development programmes, professional diplomas, and basic qualification programmes such as English language programmes and ICDL.
The Directorate implements its rehabilitation programmes remotely for a healthy training and rehabilitation environment, and to ensure the adoption of an effective approach to maintain the safety of job seekers and to ensure the continuity of the rehabilitation process, which is one of the priorities of the Directorate’s plans to develop and qualify the category of job seekers.