The approval of registration requests in the Human Resources Directorate’s database shall be in accordance with the following:

Holders of academic qualification and the documents required to be provided for approval:
High school diploma - in the State
  • Holders of high school diplomas from schools that follow the educational system of the Ministry of Education in the UAE, in addition to the private education system in the State.
  • A full academic year shall be completed in the event of obtaining a high school diploma or the like, and an official proof shall be brought.
  • For job seakers having obtained technical secondary school certificates (commercial, technical or industrial) from recognised schools or institutes, they shall bring an official proof.
Diploma and Bachelor's degree - in the State
  • Certificate of the last academic qualification obtained with an academic transcript from public universities in the State.
  • Certificate of the last academic qualification obtained with an academic transcript attested by the State’s private universities.
Holders of Academic Qualification - Outside the State
  • A request for the equivalence of the academic certificate issued outside the State (or to whom it may concern) + the academic qualification certificate obtained with an academic transcript attested by the university (for all academic qualifications) equivalent of a high school or university certificate from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the UAE.
National Service
  • Evidence of the job seaker's status of national service from the National and Reserve Service Authority, as follows:
  • Deferment of national service to complete study or employment (for one year)
  • Exemption (for a period of 5 years)
  • All national service requirements completed
  • Permanent exemption
  • Not required to perform national service
Professional Experience
  • Certificate of experience from the previous employer (date of joining work and date of leaving work) with job title and place of work).
  • Attachment of all professional experiences, if any
  • Attachment of a letter to Whom It May Concern (not insured) from the General Pension and Social Security Authority
  • Attachment of a copy of the proof of residence (the government housing map or the lease contract) in the event of changing residence or moving from one city to another.
  • Attachment of a copy of proof of residence for the first cases (in the name of parents or grandparents)
  • Proof of residence not accepted (in case of expired lease contract - or temporary house plan).