Registration details

To benefit from job seekers’ services, you can register in the database of the Directorate of Human Resources through the following steps:

First Step - Loging in to the job seekers portal

Second Step - Registeration of a new job seaker – Filling the electornic registration application

Third Step -Plese read the instructions before online registration and agree on the registration terms and the requirements

Please read the following instructions very carefully before starting to fill the online registration form
  • Upon registration, the job seaker shall create and keep his own username and password.
  • Please fill out all requirements marked with an asterisk (*), noting that incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Please make sure that the required documents are attached. All uploaded documents must be clear, and the file must be in (PDF) format and the personal photo in GPJ format.
  • Your online registration request can be completed by logging into the system and using the username and password (within the specified period of one month from the date of the application).

Fourth step -Filligng out the online application to register the job seeker data

Fifth Step -Attaching all required documents